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Bullfrog Corrosion Control System

Bullfrog Rust Blocker Shield, Cup & Strips

Simply stick a Bullfrog emitter in any enclosed space where there is metal. Bullfrog RustBlocker Strips, Cups and Shields contain metal seeking VpCIs that will migrate throughout the space to form an invisible “Molecular Umbrella” of electrochemical inhibitors that seal metals against the air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion. VpCIs automatically protect metal that air can reach, even through paint and coatings.

Bullfrog VpCIs bond with metal surfaces to form a protective “Molecular Umbrella”, sealing out air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion.

  • Environmentally safe. No nitrates, silicones, phosphates, heavy metals or harmful chemicals.
  • Won’t harm plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces.
  • Has no affect on electrical, mechanical or chemical performance and no chemical build-up.
  • Works under extreme conditions.
  • Each emitter protects an enclosure for a full year.
  • One strip protects areas up to 1 cubic foot.
  • One cup protects areas up to 11 cubic feet.
  • One shield protects areas up to 100 cubic feet.

Keep Your Fishing Tackle & Gear Corrosion Free

Two identical tackle boxes were placed inside a prohesion chamber that accelerates corrosion. After several weeks of continuous exposure to salt spray, temperature and humidity extremes, the equipment with the Bullfrog VpCI protection still looks like new.

Once this tackle box is closed the Bullfrog VpCIs will migrate from the emitter to all the metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion for up to one year.