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Salt Attack Mixer

Salt-Attack Multi Function Engine Flush & Spray Gun is designed for ease of use with a new throttle type control valve to switch from off to rinse to Salt-Attack, and will handle high Australian and New Zealand water pressures. Required for outboard and jetski flushes and most inboard flushing. Constructed with a 3- position control valve off, rinse, Salt-Attack. Salt-Attacks Receptacle holds a 100 ml and has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 120 psi. Full 12 month replacement warranty and money back guarantee.

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Salt Attack Flush Bags

Collapsible Design – They Fold Up Small And Store Anywhere * Can Be Used As A Live Bait Tank * Long Lasting Heavy Duty Material * Solvent Safe * Easy Cleaning * Complete With Hose Fittings * Self Supporting

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Salt Attack Washcoat

Washcoat and Shine is a powerful wash that removes road film and salt build up and fortifies your acrylionic protective coating while increasing the shine. Protects and delays the speed of damage to UV. Cleans, shines & protects stainless & alloy. NEVER WAX AGAIN!

Available in Marine and RV & Motorhome formulations.

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