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How To Flush Your Engine

Without correct maintenance the cooling system within your marine engine can quickly block with salt deposits and if left can cause serious damage. Not only will salt corrosion eat away the inside of your engine but it also restricts the water flow resulting in ineffective heat exchange that can lead to serious overheating issues.

Flushing with fresh water is simply not enough to remove these deposits as salt is baked so hard onto the cooling system surface due to the high operating temperature of the engine.

But don’t worry salt doesn’t need to be such a pain, by flushing with Salt-Away you can easily flush away both fresh and accumulated salt.

Not only does Salt-Away kill salt but it has been carefully designed to be safely trapped within the engines cooling system. This allows the finest corrosion inhibitors to work their magic utilising advanced VCI technology to stop corrosion and give added protection until your next trip out to sea.

Salt-Away also protects and greatly extends the life of all rubbers, seals and impellers.

Flushing your engine with Salt-Away couldn’t get any easier with our Salt-Attack Mixer, which attaches easily to muffs or engine port. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Simple flushing instructions – with the Salt-Away Starter Kit

Your motor should be flushed after every time it’s been in salt water. It’s also a good idea to do a 3-5 day consecutive flush following the steps below before every winter or long periods of storage.

  1. Put 40-60mls of Salt-Away concentrate into mixer cup for under 90hp motors, or for 90-300hp use 80-100mls to flush your engine, wash boat, trailer and fishing gear.
  2. Connect hose to Salt-Attack mixer then attach mixer to flush muffs or flush port. Set mixer on rinse position and turn on water supply.
  3. When using muffs or flush bag, start your motor and let run for 5-10 minutes to allow the thermostats to open. For 4 strokes it’s recommend lifting the idle to 1500rpm to increase water pressure throughout the engine.
  4. Now turn mixer to Salt-Away position, you will see bubbles coming out of the exhaust. Give it about 30 seconds to a minute maximum after seeing the foaming action.
  5. Now turn off motor, then turn mixer to off position so to trap Salt-Away inside the cooling system. Your motor is now flushed. Remove mixer from muffs and connect spray nozzle and you are ready to wash boat, trailer, fishing gear and dive gear.

Always flush your engine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When hot flushing your engine, never leave the engine running unattended.