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Protecting - Cars, 4WDs, Motor Bikes, RVs & Trucks

Vehicles that are driven along beaches, or used at boat ramps, or just exposed to salt spray near the coast should be washed regularly to avoid salt corrosion.

Simply washing with fresh water is not enough, Salt-Away will kill and remove salt from your equipment, this stopping salt corrosion and reducing costly repairs. Salt-Away’s unique and highly complex formula has been specially designed to dissolve and neutralise salt while also adding an advanced protective coating to protect after its application.

Salt-Away is safe to use on all surfaces. This includes magnesium and aluminium alloys, all metals, fiberglass, rubbers, plastics, chrome, glass or any surface exposed to salt.

The easiest way to wash away the salt is using our Salt-Attack mixer. Simply fill the mixer’s reservoir with Salt-Away, then turn the mixer to the rinse position and pre rinse all surfaces exposed to salt spray. Next turn the mixer to Salt-Away and re-spray all areas. Use a soft brush to loosen stubborn grime. Finally turn the mixer to ‘rinse’ and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn mixer to ‘Salt-Away’ and recoat all metal areas.

Salt-Away is perfect for removing salt from:

Commercial Users: