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Salt-Away 12 Volt Portable Water Blaster

Using Salt-Away with a water blaster for exterior wash down is very economic and makes cleaning large areas effortless and super fast.

12 Volt Portable Water Blaster

No need for a water supply or power at the ramp

For situations where power is unavailable, we stock a portable, battery operated water-blaster.

Just add 40-50ml of Salt-Away to the Water Blaster’s 15 litre water reservoir, plug into your boat or vehicle’s 12 volt power supply, and spray Salt-Away on your trailer, brakes and under your vehicle after you take your boat out of the water.

Just spray and walk away!

Lightweight, compact and simple to use.

Using your own water blaster

Add 40-50ml of Salt-Away to cup of Auto-Mixing unit.
Connect Salt-Away auto-mixing unit to the inlet side of your water blaster, connect other end to a garden hose.
Turn auto-mixing unit to Salt-Away and wash down all areas covered with salt, then turn to rinse and wash off with water blaster.