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Fishing Gear Maintenance Guide

Protect Your Fishing Gear From Salt Corrosion

Once your trailer, boat and engine are cleaned, move onto all your other gear that was used on the day.

Use Salt-Away to wash all your reels, rods, lures, pliers, life jackets and other equipment. Salt-Away does not harm any part of your fishing equipment. That includes braid or monofilament lines, electric reels, even flylines. It is also safe to use on reels containing magnesium alloy, unlike other competitor products. It is safe on rubbers, plastic and metal. See also Dive gear maintenance.

Cleaning Methods

Auto-Mix unit

Fill cup of Auto-Mix unit with Salt-Away.
Connect garden hose to Auto-Mix unit and other end onto garden spray nozzle.
Turn the Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Away over these areas.

Recommended product for first time user: Starter Kit

Spray bottle

If using a spray bottle mix at 50ml of Salt-Away concentrate per litre of water.

Recommended product: Spray Bottle

Washing in a bucket

Mix Salt-Away at 15ml of concentrate per litre of water. ie. Mix 75ml in a 5 litre bucket of water. Note buckets of Salt-Away mix can be re-used over and over again. Cover and store to re-use after your next fishing trip.

Recommended product: 946ml Concentrate


Washing fish bins and bilges with Salt-Away eliminates fish odours.
Smelly hands – a quick wash with Salt-Away will take away the smell.

Reel Maintenance

Firstly tighten your drag on your reels before washing/spraying to prevent water deposits entering the drag washers and plates.

Spray the entire surface of the reel with Salt-Away and/or wash in a bucket.

Scrub the reel with a soft brush to remove any grime.

There is no need to rinse the gear off afterwards as Salt-Away protects all surfaces, metal and plastic so just drain, shake and allow to dry.

The next day, it is important to back off the drag.

Salt-Away Fishing Reel Maintenance Guide