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Let your imagination be the limit for your application of Salt-Away.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Commercial Diving Equipment
  • Remote Operation Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Off-Shore Drilling Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment Servicing
  • Deep Ocean Engineering
  • Ocean Weather Instruments
  • Salvage Equipment
  • Ferry Boat Operations
  • Tug Boats and Related Equipment
  • Coastal Power Transformer Stations
  • All Coastal Seafaring Services
  • Container Line Cargo
  • All Seafaring Ship Instruments and Radar
  • Communication Towers and Antennas

Some of the most expensive equipment in the world is used no where but in industrial businesses. Daily, many of these business are faced with salt corrosion – whether it is a ship, barge, or off-shore drilling equipment, or a printed circuit board, a communications antenna, or a power transformer.

Maintenance practices are executed on every work shift, but when it comes to corrosion control, most companies have very little success using plain water.

Many other chemicals cost too much to use for daily maintenance, so the equipment life is very short.

A powerful pressure washer can administer the application of Salt-Away, or spray bottle, depending on the equipment corroding from exposure to salt.

Recommended product to purchase: Combo Kit or 3.8 Litre and Mixing Unit