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Jetski Maintenance Guide

Salt-Away is excellent for removing salt from your jetski, engine and trailer, wet suits, helmets and fishing gear. It is also excellent for general clean-up and exterior salt removal from your towing vehicle. Cleaning is extremely quick and easy using the Salt-Away Auto-mix unit which attaches to the flush port on your engine for engine flushing, and to a garden spray nozzle for exterior cleaning.

Recommended product for first time user: Starter Kit

Engine Flush

Salt-Away does 3 major jobs when used as an engine flush. It flushes out the fresh salt, it protects the inside from rusting and corroding and it begins to break down salt build-up.

How to flush engine with the Auto-Mix unit.

Half fill cup of auto-mixing unit with Salt-Away.
Connect garden hose to Auto-mix unit. Connect other end onto flush port on engine.
Turn on water then turn auto-mixing unit to rinse position and allow motor to run for up to five minutes. This allows for the thermostat to open fully so that you can get the full flow of fresh water through the motor.
Before you turn your jetski off, turn the Auto-Mix setting to Salt-Away. You will notice the exhaust will start to foam, allow a further 30 seconds, then turn the auto-mix unit to off, give a quick blast of throttle then turn engine off. This allows the Salt-Away dilution to stay in the water jackets and continue working on breaking down and removing any salt while providing continued protection.

Salt-Away Auto-Mix unit attached to flush port

Wash Jetski Trailer & Accessories

After you have flushed your engine, use the remainder of the salt-away concentrate in the auto-mix unit, to clean your jetski and trailer. (When the auto-mixing cup is clear in colour the Salt-Away is all used up).

Attach the auto-mix unit to a garden spray nozzle.
Turn the auto-mix unit to the ‘rinse’ setting and give the boat and trailer a quick pre-rinse.
Turn the auto-mix unit to Salt-Away and spray a light coating of Salt-Away over these areas. Lightly scrub any areas that have road film and fish grime.
Finally turn the auto-mix unit to rinse and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn auto-mix unit to Salt-Away and recoat all metal areas such as alloy boats, trailer and trailer brakes.

Salt-Away is excellent for general clean-up and exterior salt removal from your towing vehicle.

Tip: For easy clean of trailers, attach the auto-mix unit to a rotating garden sprinkler placed underneath the trailer.

Always flush engine according to manufacturer’s instructions.