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Outboard Engine Flush

Don’t Let Salt Corrosion Damage your Engine
Flushing your engine’s cooling system with Salt-Away removes the fresh salt then leaves a protective film on the surface to protect it against future salt corrosion until next time out to sea. If your engine currently has rust and salt corrosion build-up or is overheating, Salt-Away can break down the salt and rust corrosion to a satisfactory condition, depending on the severity of the build-up.

Flushing the outboard with Salt-Away cannot get any easier with the Auto-Mix unit, which attaches easily to the muffs or engine port. It takes just 30 seconds to flush your engine. This will remove salt from your engine and prevent rusting and corroding from salt.

Recommended product for first time user: Starter Kit

How to flush engine using the Auto-Mix unit

Part fill cup of Auto-Mix Unit with 40-60mls of Salt-Away for engines up to  90hp, or 60-80mls for engines over 90hp.
Connect garden hose to Auto-Mix unit. Connect other end onto flush muffs or flush port on engine.
Turn on water. Turn Auto-Mix unit to ‘rinse’ position and if you run your engine, run for up to five minutes. This allows for the thermostat to open fully so that you can get the full flow of fresh water through the engine.
Before you turn your engine off, turn the Auto-Mix setting to ‘Salt-Away’. You will notice the exhaust will start to foam, allow a further 30 seconds, then shut the engine down. This allows the Salt-Away dilution to stay in the water jackets and continue working on breaking down and removing any salt while providing continued protection.
Remove Auto-Mix from muffs or flush port then connect neck of mixing unit to garden spray nozzle.
Use remaining solution to wash boat and trailer.

* Always flush your engine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Auto-mix unit attaches to garden spray nozzle for boat and trailer wash down.

Overheating Engines
Flush your engine, according to the Engine Flush directions above, 2-5 times in sequence, waiting at least 24 hours between flushes. During this process, do not expose the engine to salt water, if possible. If your engine has thermostat housing, ask your mechanic to remove it before this process to check severity of build-up and afterward to see effectiveness of Salt-Away. Flushing your engine after every use in salt water with Salt-Away will prevent salt build-up.

Flushing small engines in a container
Dilute 50-80ml of Salt-Away in a 10 litre bucket of water. Flush engine for 5 minutes. Mixture can be reused for up to six months.


How To Flush Outboard Engine Video