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Boat & Trailer Cleanup

Protect & Extend the Life of your Investment

Cleaning Instructions

After you have flushed your engine, use the remainder of the Salt-Away concentrate in the Auto-Mix unit, to clean your boat and trailer. (When the Auto-Mix cup is clear in colour the Salt-Away is all used up).

Attach the Auto-Mix unit to a garden spray nozzle.
Turn the Auto-Mix unit to the ‘rinse’ setting and give the boat and trailer a quick pre-rinse.
Turn the Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Away over all fibreglass and metal areas including carpet, upholstery, canvas, clears, rods, reels and dive gear. Lightly scrub any areas that have road film and fish grime.
Finally turn the Auto-Mix unit to ‘rinse’ and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ and recoat all metal areas such as alloy boats, trailer and trailer brakes.

Recommended product for first time users: Starter Kit

Salt-Away is safe on all wiring and electrical equipment.

Use Salt-Away to remove salt from your electric capstan, chain and rope.

For large areas and economic use of Salt-Away connect Salt-away Auto-Mix unit to your water blaster.


Don’t forget to hose under the mudguards and into all the channels and rails on your trailer. Don’t forget the springs and trailer brakes either.

Some trailer manufacturers build trailers with the capability of flushing the salt from the brakes, using a hose connector and water line going to the brakes. Just connect Salt-Away’s Auto-Mix unit in line between the hose and the connector, and flush until you see the foaming action coming out on the ground, then turn the Auto-Mix unit off. Salt-Away will not harm your brake pads, or any part of the braking system. Leave Salt-Away inside the braking system to inhibit rusting and other corrosion.

For easy clean of trailers, attach the Auto-Mix unit to a rotating garden sprinkler placed underneath the trailer. Turn dial to ‘rinse’ for 10 minutes then turn dial to ‘Salt-Away’ for 20 seconds, then turn dial to ‘off’.

Wash salt and road film from your trailer

Washing your boat is easy with the Auto-Mix
unit which attaches to a garden spray nozzle.

12 Volt Portable Water Blaster

For situations where power is unavailable, we stock a portable, battery operated water-blaster.

No need for a water supply or power at the ramp

Just add 40-50ml of Salt-Away to the Water Blaster’s 15 litre water reservoir, plug into your boat or vehicle’s 12 volt power supply, and spray Salt-Away on your trailer, brakes and under your vehicle after you take your boat out of the water.

Just spray and walk away!

Lightweight, compact and simple to use.

To use your own water blaster

Add 40-50ml of Salt-Away to cup of Auto-Mixing unit.
Connect Salt-Away auto-mixing unit to the inlet side of your water blaster, connect other end to a garden hose.
Turn auto-mixing unit to Salt-Away and wash down all areas covered with salt, then turn to rinse and wash off with water blaster.