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Cars, 4WDs, Motor Bikes, Motor Homes & Trucks

Vehicles that are driven along beaches, or used at boat ramps, or just exposed to salt spray near the coast should be washed regularly to avoid salt corrosion.

Salt-Away is the best solution to protect your vehicles from salt corrosion and reduce costly repairs caused by the corrosive action of salt.

Salt-Away is safe to use on magnesium and aluminum alloys, any metal, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass or any surface exposed to salt.

Salt-Away is so safe it will not strip wax.

Recommended product for first time user: Starter Kit

Remove Salt From:

Body, undercarriage
Exhaust system
Brakes, wheels, tyres
Bumpers, windshields
Spoke wheels, chrome wheels
Tools, instruments
Car parts
Car mats, carpets

Commercial Users:

NZ Navy & Australian Air Force
NZ Coastguard
Tour Bus operators – 90 mile beach
Taxi Fleets – Great Barrier Island
Inter-Island ferries (transporting vehicles)