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Flush Inboard Engines & Auxiliary Motors

Don’t Let Salt Corrosion Damage your Engine

Salt-Away is a must for flushing the salt from your inboard engine and inhibiting corrosion.

The best time to flush your inboard engine is after you have moored your yacht and prior to switching the engine off.

There are THREE different ways you can flush Salt-Away through your inboard engine:

Direct Injection Kit.
Fresh water hose connected to water in-take line using Salt-Away Auto-Mix unit.
Salt-Away Shots.

Auxiliary engines may be flushed in a container of Salt-Away solution.

Direct Injection Kit

The Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit fits to all moored craft to flush and protect your expensive marine engines without leaving the helm. It protects all open and closed circuit salt water cooling systems by injecting a 50/50 mixture of Salt-Away and fresh water. Salt-Away is designed to protect your engine’s cooling system even when using it with salt water.

Salt-Away is so concentrated you only use 50-80 ml every time you moor the boat costing you as little as $1.15, and could save you thousands of dollars on expensive repairs.

The Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit comes ready to install with an easy to follow instruction manual. Also included is a T fitting for most common water couplings and 5 metres of 6mm 150 psi tubing to connect the reservoir to the T fitting. No wiring is needed forward of the motor as you control the unit remotely using the remote control supplied – which attaches to your key ring.

The Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit will connect to 12V or 24V power, and has an adjustable regulating valve. Once installed all you need to do is keep the reservoir topped up with Salt-Away concentrate and flush your engine for 30 seconds after every use.

The Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit can also be purchased without the remote control unit, but this will require wiring to the manual switch supplied.

Designed for use with all inboard, inboard/outboard (stern drive) motors, the Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit will save you time and maintenance costs on your boat�s motor. You just flush your engine for 30 seconds after every use.

The Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit comes ready to install with all wiring and tubing. An additional kit is available to suit twin engines.

Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit Brochure

* Always flush your engine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Exterior Wash – Yachts & Tenders

Auto-Mix unit attaches to garden spray nozzle for easy wash down

Washing your yacht with the Auto-Mix unit, attached to a garden spray nozzle, is the easiest way to remove salt from large areas. Hose down with Salt-Away at the end of the day.

Auto-Mix unit attaches to garden spray nozzle


Fill cup on Auto-Mix unit with Salt-Away.
Attach the Auto-Mix unit to a garden spray nozzle.
Turn the Auto-Mix unit to the ‘rinse’ setting and give salt covered surfaces a quick pre-rinse.
Turn the Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Away over these areas. Lightly scrub any areas that have fish grime etc.
Finally turn the Auto-Mix unit to ‘rinse’ and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ and recoat all metal areas such as winches, capstans and chain and rope lockers. Don’t rinse off.

Salt-Away is safe on all wiring and electrical equipment.


Pour 25ml Salt-Away concentrate into salt water toilets. Kills salt odours and removes blockages.

Spraying off your sails and your sail covers will remove those salt crystals which eventually cut the threads causing expensive items to be replaced. The chemicals in Salt-Away will not deteriorate the fabric of your sails.

Spraying Salt-Away on the isinglass panels will cause the salt to ‘sheet off’, which eliminates the danger of grinding the salt into the panel when hand-washing.

Flushing auxiliary motors in a container

Dilute 50-80ml of Salt-Away in a 10 litre bucket of water. Flush engine for 5 minutes. Mixture can be reused for up to six months.

Overheating Engines

For engines overheating, or not regularly flushed, repeat engine flush for 2-3 days without using engine in salt water.

Salt-Away Shots

The Salt-Away Shot is an alternative to the cost of installing our Direct Injection Kit.

The Salt-Away Shot is designed to be frozen and placed in your engine’s water strainer, for slow release while running your engine for 30-40 seconds. This is done before shutting your engine off and mooring your boat for extended periods of time. To use the frozen shot, you cut open the bag and put the contents into your engine’s water strainer, do not put in the whole bag.

The Salt-Away Shot will breakdown and remove salt and rust corrosion from the heat exchanger and engine’s cooling components and provide continued protection while solution remains in the cooling system.

These can be ordered online or made up by buying our Salt-Away concentrate. Mix 100mls of concentrate to 100mls of fresh water and freeze contents before installing.

Fresh water hose connected to water in-take line using Salt-Away Auto-Mix unit

Attach a fresh water hose to the Salt-Away Auto-Mix Unit then connect hose and Auto-Mix Unit to the engine cooling in-take pipe(before the water pump).

Fill cup of Auto-Mix unit with Salt-Away.

Turn Auto-Mix unit to ‘rinse’ setting and flush engine with fresh water for 5 minutes.

Turn Salt-Away Auto-Mix unit to ‘Salt-Away’ setting and flush motor for 30-40 seconds. Turn engine off leaving the Salt-Away in the engine’s cooling system to protect the motor.